Large and Small ESDA XL toy bricks.

Everywhere ESDA

On this website you can find everything about the ESDA toy bricks. We supply various kinds of blocks and boards for private and business. Because we all have in stock, we can deliver quickly. These building blocks can be found in many playgrounds, musea, camp sites, zoo, park, indoor playground, pancake restaurant, children's game room, dining, restaurant, etc ..


Our blocks are of high quality and robust. Experience has shown that even in play parks where the blocks are used continuously they have a long life. The rounded corners are they safe for the children. The blocks complie with te requirements of the European law EN-71 for toy safety.

Just like lego

The blocks are very easily stacked like Lego and again easy to disassemble. The main difference with Lego is that they are huge. Children (and parents) will enjoy themselves for hours and invent the craziest buildings.


The children can realistically build and theirfor develop their skills. Their creativity and their imagination are fully reflected in the large structures they can build. Building large construction alone or with other children. And the funniest part is afcourse playing and building with mom and dad. 

Speelblokken XL Delivers ESDA Building Block in Europe for: 



children's playground,

Theme Parcs,



Elementary Schools,

Secondary Education,

and to everyone wo likes to play with XL building blocks.