Posted on July 2, 2021

Go-or-No-go review of our midi wafers from Marioinex

“Mom, we also have these toys at school”, the eldest (group 3) exclaims enthusiastically when she spots the box full of building blocks. “This allows us to play together without it breaking!” Is this going to be a joint construction activity of our 2-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter? To be honest, I am especially relieved that the batteries can stay in the cupboard, welcome low-stimulus toys!

What do the toys look like?

We received an extensive set of 150 midi wafer blocks supplied by Speelblokken XL. A sturdy box is included in which the blocks can be stored. The blocks are in waffle shape of 5.7 by 5.7 cm. They come in different colours. The wafers are made of non-toxic and completely biodegradable plastic. They are very flexible with smooth edges, almost like rubber. There is no weird smell and the blocks are easy to clean with soap and water. There are other sizes and additions available from this brand of toys. This also fits, for example, on the midi blocks that we have received.
















Builders ready? Just build

The packaging of the toy indicates that it is suitable from 2 years. Our son (2) initially only found it interesting to arrange the blocks by color and hide them. Real building, such as with duplo or wooden blocks, was not something he really liked. This changed when our eldest daughter started playing with it. She simply copied the various figures from the supplied booklets. For example, we suddenly had a rocket, ostrich and shark made of waffle building blocks that were clicked together. Together they decided to take the figures apart again and build the highest possible stacking tower. See, now the fantasy and spatial imagination of both were activated. Then they kept taking out waffles like a kind of Jenga until the tower fell over. In the meantime we named colors, we counted the numbers and took the blocks outside. It is also fun to build in the grass and even in the inflatable pool.

Low-stimulus toys

The waffel blocks are sensory toys. It stimulates the senses and appeals to the spatial imagination without overstimulating them. I call it relax toys without light and sound. My daughter fidgets with it on the couch like she can with her pop-it, it calms her down. The box is currently in my son's bedroom, which we deliberately let him play with this kind of toy for fifteen minutes before we actually put him to bed. A moment of peace, so to speak, without television but just feeling, building something and relaxing. If your child comes out of school overstimulated, this is also an ideal toy to develop, but on the other hand also to be concentrated.

















Go or No Go

We think this toy is a go! We actually didn't have any construction toys in the house yet and this is a very nice set to start with. It takes patience, creativity and stimulates a child's imagination and I think that's an important aspect when I buy toys. There is no right or wrong in building, you simply take it apart and start over. The toys bring a bit of peace after a day full of stimuli. No busy colours, light or noise and the flexible material feels great in the hand. This toy can also just be left on the floor when our youngest daughter crawls around the room. This in contrast to, for example, Playmobil or LEGO. She also doesn't take the structures apart quickly to the relief of the eldest three. It is also no problem if small children put the toys in their mouths, these blocks are large enough and can be cleaned with soap and water.
We regularly alternate the toys in the living room with bins that are then kept in the attic for a while (yes, I have sorted everything neatly into bins). I'm sure this box of blocks will be picked up regularly. Suitable from 2 to 102 years old, it says on the box, so we can go ahead for now!



Midi waffel blocks Facts

Product name: midi waffel blocks
Brand: Marioinex
Material: biodegradable plastic
Number of parts: 150 pieces or 22 pieces
Recommended age: from 2 years
Type of toys: construction toys / building blocks
Brand: Marioinex
Price: € 74.95 and for sale at Speelblokken XL


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