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Secure online purchasing by SSL encryption SSL is Secure Socket Layer encryption is THE standard for the secure transmission of data over the Internet. It protects the identity of the mutually communicating computers and guarantees the confidentiality of transmitted data.

The SSL protocol provides secure connections from three viewpoints: the compound is private in the literal sense of the word because the only content encrypted using the net is sent. The identity of the server is fixed. With effective algorithm verifies that the information is complete and unaltered reach their intended recipient. The SSL protocol is initiated by the "s" added to the familiar http: The 's' ensures that the addressed server browser requires a certificate and public key. This key is returned together with a checksum and an ID to the browser. These items of information are calculated by only a few companies certification.

An SSL connection can not be used by third parties to be disturbed or manipulated. In this manner, the transferred data (address or order data) is protected against access and manipulation by third parties. The encryption is automatic. All you have to do anything. An active SSL connection can be identified by a closed lock at the bottom of the screen of your browser or the "s" after the letters http in the address line of your browser, for example. Https://

Payment by Paypal / Visa / Mastercard

This information comes from the PayPal website:

Security for each transaction

PayPal offers one of the most secure payment platforms in the world. Whether you are buying online, sell or transfer money, by using PayPal you are always protected by an additional layer of security. That's because all your financial information, such as your bank details and your credit card number are safely stored and encrypted on our servers. It is not necessary your financial information online or to share publicly with the person from whom you receive money or to whom you are sending money. In addition, we offer you additional protection in the form of purchase protection or Seller Protection, as described below.

Protection for Buyers

If an eligible item that you purchased online, is not provided or does not meet the description of the seller, PayPal Purchase Protection will reimburse the full amount (including shipping). PayPal Purchase Protection covers all your online purchases when you use PayPal.

For more information, see our User Agreement

What is an eligible item?

Only physical, tangible goods that can be sent by post and not prohibited by law, be covered. Here are a few examples of situations in which your purchase does not resemble the description: You bought a book, but getting a DVD. You have purchased a new product, but it turns used. You purchased three items and get two. Your purchase has been damaged during shipment or missing parts. You think you bought an original brand product and receives a fake version. Note that if the seller has described the article correctly, but you are not satisfied with it, unfortunately this is not covered by PayPal Purchase Protection.

What do you have to do?

If you want to use Purchase Protection, you must within 180 days after payment to open a dispute. This dispute is for the full price of the item; the amount should be paid in one transaction. If no satisfactory response is received from the seller, the buyer should the dispute within 20 days after filing, escalate to a claim. When you do this, you ask PayPal to make a decision. We will investigate the complaint and decide whether it meets the conditions set out in our User Agreement.

What is not eligible?

PayPal Purchase Protection does not apply to customized goods, real estate and vehicles. Also private transactions in which money is transferred person to person, or purchases that are picked up or delivered personally, are not covered by PayPal Purchase Protection.

Pay with iDEAL

How does payment by iDEAL?
With iDEAL you trusted and secure online purchases. You pay in the familiar online banking page of your own bank. Pay with iDEAL do in a few steps:
- Order a product
- Choose a payment method iDEAL
- Select the bank where you do your banking
- You arrive directly on the known Internet banking page of your bank
- The relevant details of your purchase are all completed
- On the front you familiar way you approve the payment
- You will receive a confirmation from your bank
- You return to the shop: the order and payment are managed

For more information on iDEAL please refer to the website

Payment transactions via Mollie:

We are affiliated with Mollie, they take care of our payment transactions and offer many options to pay for the products we offer.

For more information about Mollie, please visit this page: Mollie - Dé Payment Service Provider voor online betalingen

We offer the following payment methods via Mollie:

- Ideal

- Credit Card

- Paypal

- Bank transfer

- Sofort banking


- Belfius

- Giropay

- Payment via Invoice

- Klarna pay now

- Bank cash

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